Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Tabletop Season 3 IndieGoGo Campaign: Fund it Now!

Saying "I love Tabletop" might be an understatement. It's easily one of my favorite series on Youtube and I never get tired of watching the different episodes numerous times. While roleplaying games are where my heart lies, I'm an avid board gamer as well and I've always found watching people play these games entertaining. 

Recently, an IndieGoGo campaign was started for the 3rd season of Tabletop. While they have already bypassed their original goal and will be making next season five episodes longer due to hitting their stretch goals, I really want to see this hit $1,000,000. If the campaign can reach that amount, they will create a second series focused solely on roleplaying games. Unlike the Dragon Age episode, the series will spotlight a group of reoccurring people playing through a season long campaign. I really want to see that become a reality. 

The campaign only has eleven more days to reach that amount, so if you want to help make that dream come true, you better donate now. If you'd like to contribute, click HERE. If you haven't watched Tabletop, you can watch the first episode HERE.

*UPDATE* The IndieGoGo campaign managed to hit the $1,000,000 mark with just eight days to go. Looks like we're getting the Tabletop RPG show.