Thursday, June 12, 2014

Fantasy Art Thursday: "Legend of Zelda" by Nicolas Rix

((Click HERE to check out the artist's DeviantArt page))
The Legend of Zelda series has been apart of my life since I was a little kid and I received Ocarina of Time for one of my birthdays. I've seen Link travel across the land of Hyrule and save Princess Zelda from the vile Ganon again and again, but I've never grown tired of it. In honor of E3 and the glimpses we've received of the next title in the series, I thought I'd post a piece of art that I feel captures the feeling and spirit of one of my favorite series.

The above piece by Nicolas Rix, simply titled "Legend of Zelda", captures the sense of adventure and wonder that's infused into each and every game perfectly. We have our young hero, armed with only a simple sword and shield, cautiously approaching the dark entrance of an ancient temple emblazoned with the legendary Tri-Force. Just looking at this picture, seeing Link ready to face whatever lurks within the darkness of this forgotten place, makes me want to grab my controller and join him on his adventure. Even if I have to listen to Navi's annoying demands for me to listen to her.

Question Time: Do you enjoy The Legend of Zelda series? Which is your favorite game? Leave your answers in the comments below.