Friday, March 20, 2015

The Pathfinder Chronicles: Master of the Fallen Fortress, Part Two

Our Band of Adventures

  • Strider, a Kellid Ranger hailing from the rural nation of Nirmathas. He is a quiet individual, dealing death with his twin blades. 
  • Morrigan, a Half-Orc Witch born in the Hold of Belkzen. She has made a pact with a mysterious entity and wishes to learn more about it. 
  • Nonali, a Gnome Bard from the strange land of Numeria. She has a hunger for knowledge, wanting to know everything about everything. 
  • Pix, a Tiefling Alchemist of Varisian descent. He is a shrew potion merchant and something of a pyromaniac. 
  • Sarkeesh, a Vudrani Cavalier from the island kingdom of Jalmery. He used to be a criminal and hopes to redeem himself. 
  • Firarli, a Half-Elf Rogue born from the union of a Mordant Spire elf and Ulfen sailor. She was banished from her secretive home and hopes to learn more about the world. 

When we last left our heroes, the group had stumbled upon a gang of young troglodytes upon the upper floor of the Fallen Fortress. Having discovered the existence of the reptilian humanoids due to the footprints found earlier, the heroes were ready to fight. They made quick work of the inexperienced troglodytes, leaving one to question.

Although the language barrier made the interrogation difficult, the adventurers managed to learn the troglodytes were being led by a particularly strong specimen named Tulok. The captive also mentioned they captured a "fleshy" and have been keeping him upstairs. Having gained this information, the group dispatched with the captive and moved forward.

They entered the next room, which appeared to be filled with pools of water, broken shelves, and other miscellaneous debris. While the room appeared to be abandoned at first glance, the group discovered it to be the den of an infant shocker lizard. Although they were first hesitant towards the creature, Strider noticed it seemed rather happy to see them and managed to win the little reptilian over, deciding to keep him as his own. 

After exploring the rest of the floor (and setting off a javelin-based trap), the group's noise (specifically Pix's urge to use rather loud bombs) drew the attention of troglodytes from the upper floors, who ambushed them as they approached the stairs. A fight broke out and once again, the heroes were victorious. 

Once they defeated this group of troglodytes, the group made their way up the stairs, wondering what they'd find waiting for them. I'll give you a hint, it's probably going to be more troglodytes.

Tune in next time for the conclusion of the Pathfinder recruits' very first adventure!

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