Thursday, December 31, 2015

My Three Favorite Posts of 2015

Today is the last day of 2015, which means it's time to take a look at the past year of blogging and select several posts that I have personally deemed my favorites. I haven't placed any of these in a particular order, and I'll be linking to the original posts within the text so you can read them if you haven't yet.

Now, let's get to the actual point of this post, shall we?

I knew as soon as I sat down to compile this list of posts this one would be present. There are certain topics that I'm really passionate about, and Depression/Mental Health is one of them. I've wanted to tackle the subject as it relates to gaming for a long time, but kept pushing it off until later. I'm glad I finally managed to do it and I'm happy that it seems to be one of my more popular posts. It makes me truly happy to think that maybe that post helped someone suffering from depression or has a loved one that is. That might sound sappy, but it's the truth. 

Every blogger has a specific type of post they enjoy writing the most. I personally love writing posts that look at and dissect gaming philosophy, theories, and phenomena. The above-linked post is probably my favorite of that variety I've made this year simply because it focuses on a highly allotted piece of gamemastering advice that some might take to an extreme and how it's okay to ignore it on certain situations.

#3. Pathfinder Musings: Problematic Spells & Magical Rituals
I also enjoy discussing game mechanics and design. Tinkering with rules and mechanics is a personal hobby of mine, and I love sharing the results of said hobby on here for everyone to see. This post contains some tinkering to Pathfinder I made in regards to some of the more problematic spells (Raise Dead, Teleport, Divination/Commune, etc.). I proposed the idea of using the Occult Ritual system from Occult Adventures to represent these spells instead of the usual method, making them much more manageable. It's a simple post, but sometimes simple things have a charm to them.

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