Monday, May 13, 2013

New Dungeons & Dragons Movie: What I'd Like to See

Last week, Warner Bros. made the announcement they had obtained the rights to make the next Dungeons & Dragons franchise and are planning to make a new movie. They've hired the writer of Wrath of the Titans (which currently has a 26% rating on Rotten Tomatoes) to re-write an existing screenplay for a movie that was supposed to be based on Chainmail. Also for some unknown reasons, they decided to bring Courtney Solomon (the director of the 1st Dungeons & Dragons movie) on as a producer.

While I think this upcoming movie is most likely going to be bad, there is an incredibly tiny part of me that does hope a miracle happens and we finally get the D&D movie we've been waiting decades for. So, I decided to embrace that small part of me for this post and talk about what I'd like to see from this new movie.

First, I want this movie to represent the basic concepts of D&D. The characters should be made up of the four classic races and classes (dwarf, elf, halfling, & human; cleric, fighter, rogue, & wizard). The movie should embrace the sword & sorcery elements of D&D and make it a fun, adventure film instead of a Lord of the Rings knock-off. It would be pretty cool if they set the movie within Greyhawk (or at least the Free City of Greyhawk), but it isn't a requirement. Finally, the movie should have a plot that feels like something that would show up in a D&D adventure.

I don't have a lot of expectations for this upcoming movie. It would be nice if they could get the basics right and add the elements I mentioned above, but I'm not going to be holding my breath. I guess I'm just too much of a cynic.