Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Designers & Dragons: First Impressions

Today, I managed to get a copy of Designers & Dragons by Shannon Appelcline. I've been casually reading through it all day and I thought I'd give my first impressions of the book.

History books like Designers & Dragons have always been rather hit or miss for me. There are some that are written with a very engaging tone that manage to hook me from page one, while there are others that are written very dryly and put me to sleep within seconds. Thankfully, Designers & Dragons belongs to the former instead of the latter. While I had only planned on casually glancing through the book for now, I found myself so engrossed in the text that I didn't notice the hours flying by.

Also, I love the "What to Read Next" sections at the end of each article. It made navigating the book to find the stuff that really caught my eyes a lot easier and helped show how interconnected the roleplaying game industry really is, seeing how all these different designers and movements affected the industry as a whole and help create some interesting narratives throughout the book. The additional side-bars, such as "Ye Settings of Yore" and "Mini-History", also give some interesting information as well.

While I still have a lot to read, I feel like Designers & Dragons was well-worth the money I paid for it. I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in learning more about the history of the roleplaying game industry.