Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Three Comic Recommendations for RPG Players

I've been an avid reader of comics ever since I was a little kid and I picked up a few back issues of Spider-Man. While the majority of the comics that I read tend to fall into the Superhero genre, there are a few fantasy series that I enjoy greatly. Because of that, I thought I'd act as a "Comic Evangelist" and talk about five comics (some old and new) that I believe fantasy roleplayers will enjoy as well.

1. Pathfinder by Jim Zub and Andrew Huerta (#1-#6)/Jake Bilbao (#7 onward): Set in the Pathfinder Campaign Setting of Golarion in the region of Varisia, Pathfinder from Dynamite Entertainment follows six of the Iconics (characters who represent the different character classes in the RPG) as they fight goblins, thwart an evil cult, and attempt to slay an evil dragon. While the writing is far from perfect and the art in the first six issues is rather hit or miss, I think the first story arc and the current one entertaining reads that feel like stories that could actually happen at the gaming table. Also, it doesn't hurt that the main characters are interesting as well. If you'd like to read from the beginning, you can find the first story arc in the Dark Water Rising tradeback, and issues #7 and #8 should be relatively easy to find.

2. Demon Knights by Paul Cornell (#1-#15)/Robert Venditti (#16-#24) and Diogenes Neves (#1-#12)/Bernard Change (#13-#24): Set in the Medieval period of the DC Universe history, Demon Knights follows a team consisting of a demon bonded to a human man, a powerful magician with ties to Merlin, an immortal caveman, a transgender knight from fallen Camelot, a mysterious woman never seen off her horse, a strange woman with ties to the Amazons, a fallen angel, and a Middle-Eastern fighter and tactician with a good knowledge of mathematics. This was easily one of the best books of the "New 52" with interesting characters who have interesting relationships with each other, entertaining and well-written stories, and wonderful artwork. Unfortunately, it was cancelled due to low sells in August of this year. However, it should be relatively easy to get your hands on the tradebacks of the series. If you like fantasy and love some of the more obscure DC characters, you will love Demon Knights.

3. Dark Horse's Conan the Barbarian by Brian Wood and Various Artists: Based on the stories and characters created by Robert E. Howard, this on-going series from Dark Horse comics is rather entertaining. While I haven't read every issue of the series (mostly due to the store where I purchase my comics rarely ordering issues of it), the issues I have read have been well-written and the art has been just as good. Supposedly, it will end its run at issue #25, but luckily almost all of the series has been collected in three tradebacks and are relatively easy to find.