Sunday, July 6, 2014

Big News From PaizoCon 2014

What happens at PaizoCon, stays on the internet...forever...
Another PaizoCon (Paizo's annual fan convention) has come and gone. Since I'm a broke bastard that lives nearly 1,898 miles away from Washington, I couldn't attend the con. Thankfully, people who actually made it to the con have been posting updates about the big announcements throughout the weekend. Here are a few that I felt were of particular note: 
  • In Spring 2015, Paizo will be releasing a supplement entitled Pathfinder Unchained. It's being described as the book where the designers have been "unchained" and can do whatever they want, giving a big middle finger to things like backwards compatibility. For example, the book will include a more powerful Rogue, a Summoner that isn't broken beyond belief, and a Monk possessing a full attack bonus. 
  • The Pathfinder RPG Strategy Guide, a small supplement for new players to show them how to play the game, has had its release date pushed to later in the year so they can make sure the book is what they want it to be. It'll also have a layout closer to the two manuals packaged with the Beginner Box
  • We've received more information about the upcoming Monster Codex. The book will present new rules for unique variations of standard creatures, including new archetypes for them and new options. Like the NPC Codex, each creature in the Monster Codex will receives numerous stat blocks for GMs to utilize. 
  • The next expansion for the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, Skull & Shackles, will be released next month. The expansion will be introducing a few new card types: support cards (like ships) and guns. A lot of the mechanics in the set will be focused on keeping your equipment and other stuff in good shape. The expansion after Skull & Shackles will be based on Wrath of the Righteous and introduce mythic cards. They also revealed some information about the organized play events for the card game, with the first season using the Skull & Shackles expansion.
  • They revealed what the adventure path after Iron Gods will be: Giant Slayer. The adventure path will take place in the Hold of Belkzen and will, as the name implies, focus on killing giants. Looks like they're returning to a more traditional concept after something as gonzo as Iron Gods.
  • A Munchkin Deluxe version of Pathfinder Munchkin is apparently on its way. 
  • Syrinscape will be putting together an app you can download for your tablet or smartphone that will allow you to play some cool music and sounds during your game sessions. They will also be offering one month of service for free. 
  • More information about the Advanced Class Guide was revealed, like archetypes, spells, magical items, and the like. 
  • The last six issues of Dynamite's Pathfinder comic and the Goblins miniseries will be getting the hardcover treatment, with new stories by Paizo employees appearing in the Goblins one. 
  • They revealed more information about the Pathfinder mini-mates, announcing there will be 12 mini-mate promo figurines available only at GenCon. The full line releases in October. 
  • The next Pathfinder Battles miniature set, titled "Lost Coast", will be released in November. 
  • Finally, Ryan Dancey announced that Pathfinder Online is still on target for the third quarter. 
While almost all of the announcements peak at least a little interest in me, I think I'm most excited for Pathfinder Unchained. Although some fear that its another inevitable sign that Paizo's gearing up for a 2nd Edition of Pathfinder (which many people seem to view as an omen of the coming apocalypse), I feel like it'll be more like Paizo's version of 3.5's Unearthed Arcana. I'm totally fine with that and I want the book in my hands right now. I'm also pretty excited for the Monster Codex because it will make session prep a lot easier, which is always a plus in my book. 

What about you guys and gals? Do any of the announcements made at PaizoCon have you excited? If so, which ones?