Friday, September 18, 2015

Heroes of the Last Age - Androids

Relics of a bygone time, androids are one of the strangest races that inhabit the world. At first glance, these artificial creatures appear to be human. However, the clearly visible circuitry underneath their synthetic skin and the lack of pupils or irises in their eyes give away their inhuman nature.

Unlike their robotic cousins, androids are incredibly rare. Very few people know the secrets to their creation and even fewer have access to the materials needed to construct their bodies. The handful of artificers that do tend to keep that secret very close to their hearts. Some believe the reason for this is because these artificers question the sentience of these entities and whether they have the right to create life, whether its artificial or not. Others simply believe they're selfish and want to keep the secret to themselves. Both are truth in certain degrees.

The majority of androids that exist are used as laborers and servants, with most treating them as just another piece of property. However, some believe androids are more than just another piece of technology and possess a digital soul. Many android adventurers struggle with this concept, traveling the world, hoping to find evidence of this. These androids tend to be rogues or warriors, but a very small number become mages.

                                                       PLAYING AN ANDROID                                                            
Android receive the following modifications. Anyone who elects to play an android should modify their character as follows:

  • +1 Intelligence Ability.
  • Choose an Ability Focus: Dexterity (Initiative) or Intelligence (Scientific Lore)
  • You have Dark Sight, which allows you to see up to 20 yards in darkness without a light source. 
  • Your Speed is equal to 10 + Dexterity (minus armor penalty if applicable). 
  • You can speak and read the Common Tongue. 
  • Roll twice on the Android Benefits table for additional benefits. Roll 2d6 and add the dice together. If you get the same result twice, re-roll until you get something different. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                ANDROID BENEFITS                                                       
2d6 Roll
+1 Dexterity
Focus: Constitution Stamina
Focus: Intelligence (Computers)
Focus: Perception (Searching)
+1 Constitution
Focus: Strength (Might)
Focus: Intelligence (Engineering)
+1 Strength

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