Monday, January 6, 2014

2014 Gaming Resolutions

Since I like jumping onto bandwagons (especially a few days late), I thought I'd post a list of my gaming-related resolutions for 2014. Instead of having a long list of specific resolutions that I will most likely fail to accomplish, I thought I'd focus on three broad resolutions that I can actually complete. 

1. Finishing a Gaming Project
For awhile now, I've been toying around with a few gaming projects. However, I've never managed to complete them (or get them into a playable state at least). So, I want to try and finish at least one of them before the end of the year. Most likely, it will be my own class-based fantasy roleplaying game which shares a name with this blog. Hopefully, I can reach this goal. 

2. Becoming More Involved in Pathfinder Society
Back in November, I played in my first session of Pathfinder Society and really enjoyed myself. Because of that, I want to become more involved this year. I plan on playing a few more sessions and maybe even running a few games in the near future. 

3. Play More Games
This will be the easiest resolution to complete. Last year, I took a long hiatus from gaming and the times I did play, I mostly played Pathfinder or some other D&D variant. This year, I want to try and play more often and play a wider variety of games. I really want to give FATE, Shadowrun 5th Edition, Numenera, and a few other games a try. 

Question Time: What are your gaming resolutions for 2014?