Friday, March 21, 2014

Three Unique Magical Weapons

Last year, I talked about making magical items more unique and I stand by the statement that your basic +1 longsword is incredibly boring. I'm definitely not the first person to say this and I highly doubt I'll be the last. Recently, I've noticed a few different bloggers posting a number of unique magical swords that anyone could use. I decided to jump onto the bandwagon and post a small handful of magical weapons as well.

These magical weapons were designed for the Pathfinder RPG, but it shouldn't be too hard to adapt them to other systems. I also tried to use more than just your typical swords. While they are iconic, there are more weapons out there and I wanted to give them some time in the spotlight.

Rukh-Shmekheh: Forged by a dwarven king centuries ago during a rather nasty war with an orc horde, this greataxe was made from a strange metal that was harvested from a meteor. The handle of the axe is wrapped in black leather with an orc skull with rubies resting in the eye sockets attached to the head. These rubies glow a bright red whenever an orc is within 100 feet and magically enhancing the wielder's fighting capabilities against said orcs. ((+1 orc-bane adamantine greataxe)).

Aga'Anguthi: This ornate chakram has several rubies embedded within the steel and the image of a drake eating its own tail engraved onto it. Aga'Anguthi once belonged to the leader of a cult dedicated to an exotic fire god, signifying his connection to said god. When the wielder says the word "aga", the chakram bursts into flames (which do not harm the owner of the weapon) and have the ability to return to the user once thrown. ((+2 flaming holy returning chakram)).

Eis: This longsword was belonged to a warrior who was once the bodyguard of a powerful cryomancer. After the wizard started to delve into forbidden magics and was driven mad, the warrior slayed his master with this very same sword. When he pulled the sword free of the cryomancer, the blade was covered in a layer of blue, sharp ice that refuses to melt and the sword always feels cold to the user. ((+2 frost longsword)).