Wednesday, April 29, 2015

New Race: Lizardfolk

The Lizardfolk were here before humans were
born, and will most likely be here after they die
as well.
Lizardfolk are a proud and powerful race of reptilian humanoids native to the world's scattered swamps and marshes. While many "civilized" races view them as monstrous savages, they actually possess a very rich society with numerous unique traditions and stories that depict a vibrant history stretching back several millenia. 

Physical Description: The majority of lizardfolk stand 6 to 7 feet and weigh roughly 200 lbs, with females being slightly shorter and lighter. The scales of a lizardfolk are usually gray, green, or brown with some breeds sporting short dorsal spikes or brightly colored frills. All lizardfolk possess tails that reach 3 to 4 feet in length. Lizardfolk usually prefer light, loose clothing due to their warm, temperate environment and prefer practical design over gaudy fashion. 

Society: Lizardfolk are mostly found in temperate or tropical climates, living within small villages hidden deep in the swamps & marshlands found in those areas. While certain elements may differ from tribe to tribe, the majority of lizardfolk society tends to be matriarchal in nature, with one specific chief ruling the tribe with a group of elders advising her. Lizardfolk tribes very rarely keep written historical records, preferring an oral tradition. 

Relations: Lizardfolk society tends to be insular in nature, very rarely interacting with other civilizations beyond the occasional moments of trading resources. They generally prefer to handle their own problems than ask for help and despise other societies forcing their beliefs upon them. Because of this, lizardfolk tend to come off as hostile or standoffish to other races. With that being said, lizardfolk are also incredibly loyal to their tribes & friends. Many scholars say that turning a lizardfolk into a friend is difficult, but you will never have a better one once you achieve that task. 

Alignment & Religion: Most lizardfolk tend to favor neutrality due to their insular nature. However, they tend to lean towards the lawful side of the spectrum due to their loyalty to friends and family. Lizardfolk society is generally animistic in nature, believing everything possesses some spiritual essence, with certain ones being more powerful than others (i.e., the deities). When lizardfolk give favor to a deity, it's usually one who governs the natural world, community, or family. 

Adventurers: The few lizardfolk who decide to leave their marshy homes are usually seeking some form of enlightenment or wish to experience the outside world for a time before returning home to retire to an average life. A small few are also unfortunately exiles, banished from their village for one reason or another, falling in with adventurers because they have nowhere else to go. 

+2 Strength, +2 Constitution: Lizardfolk are powerful and tough creatures.

Medium: Lizardfolk are Medium creatures and have no bonuses or penalties due to their size. 

Reptilian: Lizardfolk are humanoids with the reptilian subtype. 

Normal Speed: Lizardfolk have a base speed of 30 feet and a swim speed of 30 feet. Furthermore, you receive a +8 racial bonus on Swim checks. 

Athletic: Lizardfolk receive a +2 racial bonus on Acrobatics checks. 

Hold BreathLizardfolk can hold their breath for a number of rounds equal to four times their Constitution before they risk drowning. 

Natural Attacks: Lizardfolk receive a bite (1d4) and two claw (1d4) primary natural attacks. 

Scaly Hide: Lizardfolk have a +1 natural armor bonus due to their scaly flesh. 

Languages: Lizardfolk begin play speaking Draconic. Lizardfolk with high Intelligence scores can choose from the following: Aquan, Common, Goblin, and Orc.  

Camouflage: Some lizardfolk are born with smaller fangs, but the ability to change the color of their scales to better hide in certain locations. Lizards with this trait receive a +4 racial bonus on Stealth checks in marshes and forested areas. This trait replaces the lizardfolk's bite natural attack. 

Prehensile Tail: Many lizardfolk have tails, but some have long, flexible tails that can be used to carry items. While they cannot wield weapons with their tails, they can use them to retrieve small, stowed objects carried on their persons as a swift action. This racial trait replaces Hold Breath. 

Scent: Some lizardfolk have the ability to pick up strong scents with their tongue. These lizardfolk possess the scent ability (Bestiary 304). This racial trait replaces Hold Breath and Athletic. 

((WRITER'S NOTE: I know making lizardfolk into a player race isn't a new idea, but I've always loved the concept and wanted to make a version for Pathfinder. If you'd like to see another take on the subject, give Kobold Press's Advanced Races: Lizardfolk a look)).