Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Pathfinder Unchained: Which Rules Will You Use?

I guess it sounds better than
 "Unearthed Pathfindica".
After spending nearly an hour this morning regularly refreshing a product's webpage, I finally got my metaphorical hands upon Pathfinder Unchained. I've been reading through it throughout the day, doing my best to wipe away the drool dripping down my chin.

Don't you judge me.

Now that I've thoroughly read through a majority of the book and the myriad of different systems presented within, I can definitively say that Pathfinder Unchained is easily my favorite book that Paizo's published in awhile. This book is perfect for people who like to tinker (i.e., f@*k) with the game. I can already see myself utilizing several systems and variants presented within this 258 paged PDF.

Which leads us back to the title of this post. I thought It'd be fun to talk about the different rules I'll be using from the book.

  • Unchained Classes (pg. 8-39): I will definitely be using the "unchained" versions of the Monk, Rogue, & Summoner as replacements for the original classes. I will probably allow the "unchained" Barbarian as just another option along with its original counterpart. 
  • Background Skills (pg. 46-51): I've tinkered around with a similar idea in the past, but I really like the new skills added with the official version. Who wouldn't want to play a Fighter with ranks in Lore (Owlbears)? 
  • Alternate Crafting & Profession Rules (pg. 72-81): I've always been dissatisfied with the rules presented within the Core Rulebook for the Craft & Profession skills. These new rules look like a much better alternative and I'll definitely be using them in future games. 
  • Skill Unlocks (pg. 82-87): I've always liked the idea of having options to get more uses out of skills, and I like the method they've created here. I think I might allow anyone to take the Signature Skill feat, but Rogues are the only ones to get it for free.
  • Stamina & Combat Tricks (pg. 112-135): This was a windmill slam into my house rules document the very moment I heard about it. At the moment, I think I'm going to allow other classes to select the Combat Stamina feat, but Fighters get it for free at 1st level. 
  • Diseases & Poisons (pg. 138-141): I love how this system makes diseases & poisons something lethal while keeping it relatively easy. This will definitely be seeing play at my table. 
  • Automatic Bonus Progression (pg. 156-157): I've hated the concept of the "Big Six" from the moment I learned about them. I like to have unique magic items utilized in my game, but I don't want to sacrifice my players effectiveness for it. This system will definitely be used. 
  • Scaling Items (pg. 160-179): Speaking of unique magic items, I've always liked the idea of magic items that grow in power as you utilize them. I like how they handle the system here and will definitely be using it. 

These are the rules I know I'll be using no matter what, but I'm currently still thinking about some of the other variants and rules presented within the book. I like the idea of the Consolidated Skill list, the reworked Action Economy, the removal of Iterative Attacks, Simplified Spellcasting, & Esoteric Material Components. However, I'll have to test them at the table before I officially add them to my house rules document. 

Now the question swings back to you, dear reader. Which Pathfinder Unchained rules will you be utilizing in your games?