Friday, April 17, 2015

The Pathfinder Chronicles: Master of the Fallen Fortress, Part Three

Our Band of Adventurers
  • Strider, a Kellid Ranger hailing from the rural nation of Nirmathas. He is a quiet individual, dealing death with his twin blades. 
  • Morrigan, a Half-Orc Witch born in the Hold of Belkzen. She has made a pact with a mysterious entity and wishes to learn more about it. 
  • Pix, a Tiefling Alchemist of Varisian descent. He is a shrewd potion merchant and something of a pyromaniac. 
  • Firarli, a Half-Elf Rogue born from the union of a Mordant Spire elf and Ulfen sailor. She was banished from her secretive home and hopes to learn more about the world. 
  • "Coach", a strange Half-Elf bard who randomly appeared out of nowhere. Very little is known about him beyond his strange speech pattern.

After dealing with a troglodyte ambush, the adventurers slowly made their way up the ever-present spiral staircase. Once they were on the next floor, they quickly dispatched a pair of giant frogs, but had trouble dealing with a swarm of hungry bats and two fiery skeletons lurking within a destroyed chapel of Nethys. 

The group continued to explore the ruined tower, finally stumbling upon the troglodyte named Tulok and more members of the small tribe. The fight was tough, but they managed to overcome the subterranean humanoids and learned Tulok was not the actual leader, but merely a figurehead. The tribe's shaman, Tasskar, was the actual leader of the group.

They also found Balenor, but not in the best condition. He was chained within one of the smaller chambers, covered in filth, missing one of his legs. Based on the the bloody knives and other equipment within the room, they figured out the troglodytes were planning to use the unfortunate Pathfinder as a ready food source.

Once they freed him, Balenor quickly thanked the group and offered them the equipment found within the nearby chest to take care of Tasskar in the upper floor. As soon as they were ready, they made their way up the stairs for the final battle.

While things started out well, it went downhill as soon as they throw a bomb at the shaman's head and blew it up. That final explosion destabilized the already shaky tower, causing part of it to collapse. Thanks to their quick reflexes, the group managed to catch each other and ended up dangling over the edge. 

As soon as they were on safe footing, the group made their way back down, picking up Balenor on the way and returned to Absalom. Having completed their mission, they passed the final test and became official Pathfinders. They also learned that Balenor would be their Venture-Captain, and would be traveling with him on his small ship, the Naiad.  

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