Sunday, September 28, 2014

Five Moons RPG: Fund it Now!

If you're familiar with Pathfinder, you're probably familiar with Sean K. Reynolds as well. He's worked on many different gaming products and is known to be a little abrasive at times (especially when it comes to rules arguments). However, he's a pretty good designer and he's worked on a lot of cool things. 

Recently, he launched a kickstarter for a new game that he's working on: The Five Moons Roleplaying Game. On the product's page, Reynolds says the following: 
"Do you spend more time creating a character than actually playing that character? Does the minmaxer in your group hog the spotlight instead of being a team player? Do you think spellcasters are too good compared to fighters and rogues? Does your character's dependence on magic items feel like a "Christmas tree"? It's time to reboot your playing experience
With Five Moons RPG, you can play a character that's fun and successful without having to focus on combat math. You can choose skills that make your character well-rounded -- without making you vulnerable. You can wear magic items that are fun and flavorful instead of just being a source of pluses. You can defeat opponents using diplomacy or intimidation, and not just with one all-or-nothing roll.
This is a game that mixes old-school simplicity with the customizability of a modern RPG.
Although Pathfinder will remain my fantasy game of choice, this could easily find its way into the back-up fantasy game slot with 5th Edition. If you're looking  for a streamlined fantasy game, but 5th Edition isn't wetting your whistle (I'm going to regret saying that), you might want to back Five Moons. It has the possibility of fulfilling that need.

Currently, Five Moons has earned $15,557 of its $25,000 goal. Since the kickstarter just started, I have no doubts it'll actually reach its goal. However, don't let that stop you from supporting this effort and helping Reynolds' bring this to the public.