Monday, February 2, 2015

Go Fund It!: Epic PvP: Fantasy

One of my favorite card games is AEG's Smash up, a game where each player takes two faction decks (like "Ninjas" & "Dinosaurs"), shuffle them together (creating "Ninja Dinosaurs"), and tries to gain the most victory points by playing their cards on specific bases. The game's simple to learn and incredibly fun to play.

Epic PvP: Fantasy is a card game designed by Luke Peterschmidt and Ryan Miller. The game utilizes a similar mechanic to Smash Up, with each player taking a race deck and a class deck, shuffling them together, and uses this new deck to fight your friends and family. This game looks incredibly fun, especially if you like cool card games. Although it's already reached its goal, give this Kickstarter a look and give them some money if you like what you see.