Monday, February 9, 2015

Wizard of the Coast Announces Magic Origins!

Last year, Wizards of the Coast announced they would be making some major changes to the Magic: The Gathering (specifically the release of new sets and the standard set rotation schedule). Part of that announcement was the retirement of the Core sets, with Magic Core 2016 being the last one. 

Well, between the quarterfinals and semifinals of Pro Tour Fate Reforged, Wizards announced Magic Origins (a.k.a, M16). The set will hit store shelves on July 17, will contain 272 cards, will follow the origin stories of several Planeswalkers (Jace Beleran, Liliania Chandra, Gideon, etc.), and feature two new mechanics. 

Back when Wizards announced the forthcoming changes to Magic: The Gathering's set structure, they also hinted that M16 would do something special so the Core sets would go out with a bang. Looks like they're living up to that promise. I'm really interested in seeing these new mechanics, see how they integrate the Planeswalker origins into the mechanics, and what cards will be reprinted. This will be especially interesting since Modern Masters 2015 will be released the previous month, and rumor has it some Modern staples will be included here as well. 

Jace Beleran, Then & Now