Friday, July 24, 2015

Leagues of Gothic Horror: Kickstart it Now!

Leagues of Gothic Horror is an obviously horror-themed expansion designed to be used with Triple Ace Games' Leagues of Adventure, a roleplaying game of Victorian exploration, derring-do, and steampunk wonders. As to be expected, this book will be coming from the prolific pen of Paul "Wiggy" Wade-Williams, the creator of the Hellfrost setting, All for One: Regime Diabolique, and the writer of the Daring Tales series of modules for Savage Worlds

It will be a 160-page softback book with black and white printed interior pages and a color cover. This book will include rules for horror, corruption, fortune-telling, occult grimoires, magic, and mentalism for Leagues of Adventure and other games that utilize the Ubiquity System, like All for One and Hollow Earth Expedition. It will also include statistics for monsters and NPCs that would fit right in with a Gothic Horror campaign, creepy locales, rules for heroes wishing to take down the forces of darkness, and much more. 

Although I've never played Leagues of Adventure, I have a weak spot for Gothic Horror and Triple Ace Games tends to make very quality products. Those of you looking for a supplement that blends Gothic Horror with Pulp Adventure might want to check this Kickstarter out and back it. Although it's already reached its funding goals, there's no harm kicking them a few more bucks and getting a cool product out of it as well. Those of you who are interested should click HERE to check it out.