Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Saurian: A New Race for Fantasy Age

Fantasy Age is one of those games I knew I was going to like from the very moment I heard about it. I loved the AGE System that Green Ronin's Dragon Age used, but never ran it for more than a session or two because I didn't want to use the included setting and didn't feel like adapting it to something else. When I heard they were creating a stand alone version, I was excited. Now that I have my hands on the PDF, I can definitely say that I love it and will most likely be using it as soon as possible.

With that in mind, I thought I'd have some fun and try my hand at creating a race for Fantasy Age. I personally like having a reptilian race as an option for players, giving them access to something more primordial than your normal races.

The reptilian race known by most as the "Saurians" has inhabited the world since Primordial Times. These ancient beings once controlled the world's most powerful empire until a mysterious catastrophe and blood civil wars brought them to ruin. Now, the Saurians are just a pale shadow of their great ancestors, having reverted to a more tribal society, inhabiting the steamy jungles and thick swamps of the realm. While they might not be as strong as their predecessors, the modern Saurians still possess a rich culture, a proud history, and refuse to let themselves been overcome by the younger, warm-blooded races. 

If you choose to play a saurian, modify your character as follows:

  • Add 1 to your Constitution ability. 
  • Pick one of the following ability focuses: Constitution (Swimming) or Intelligence    (Natural Lore)
  • You have Dark Sight, which allows you to see up to 20 yards in darkness without a light source. 
  • Your Speed is equal to 8 + Dexterity (minor armor penalty if applicable).
  • You can speak and read Saurian and Common Tongue. 
  • Roll twice on the Saurian Benefits table for additional benefits. Roll 2d6 and add the dice together. If you get the same result twice, re-roll until you get something different. 

+1 Willpower
Focus: Perception (Tracking)
Focus: Constitution (Stamina)
Weapon Groups: Spears
+1 Strength
Focus: Strength (Might)
Focus: Willpower (Courage)
+1 Fighting