Monday, July 6, 2015

The Awakened Mystic: Psionics Playtest for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Released

Today, as a part of Wizard's Unearthed Arcana series of articles, the designers released a PDF introducing rules for a new class: The Mystic. This class will utilize psionics and the document allows players to playtest these new rules up to 5th level, but it will most likely be updated and changed as feedback comes in about the mechanics.

Honestly, I'm rather surprised that WoTC's attempting to tackle psionics so soon, especially when its one of those topics that tends to be rather divisive among fans. Personally, I've always fallen into the camp that liked the idea of it, but was never too fond of the execution.

However, I kind of like how they've implemented it here. It seems pretty simple to grok, I like how they went with the name Mystic over Psion (which always sound strange to me), and they've done a decent job separating it from the arcane and divine spellcasting classes. I'm honestly interested in seeing what they'll add in the future and this will definitely make those who wish to run Dark Sun with 5th Edition very happy.

Those interested in checking out these rules can find them HERE. Go ahead and give them a read. For those of you who have read the rules, what did you think? Do you like the path they're going down with them? What would you like to see them change if you're not so found of the rules being presented?

((Those of you who read the post on Monday will probably notice it has changed rather drastically. The reason for this is that I was wrong about Unearthed Arcana being a new series of posts. I apologize for that mistake and promise to not let it happen again. With that in mind, I've refocused the post on the Mystic itself.))