Thursday, February 13, 2014

Fantasy Art Thursday: "The Quest for Adventure" by Jon Hodgson

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I've always believed that a good Dungeons & Dragons game should include some elements of horror and dread. When delving into an ancient ruin that just so happens to be inhabited by undead monstrosities, alien aberrations, or other horrifying creatures, I think its only logical to make some of those encounters scary and foreboding.

The above piece by Jon Hodgson captures that dread perfectly. You have two of the adventures watching their backs as they descend the stone steps to the dungeon's door (which happens to be decorated with skulls and monstrous faces), with the halfling sporting an uncertain look about  the whole affair. The trees are dead and barren, and an ominous tone hangs over the entire piece. Also, the angles and perspective are a little off, giving the picture a strange quality to it, making you feel like something just isn't right about this location. This is the image I want to place in the mind of my players as their characters are about to enter a new dungeon, building the tension for what is about to come.

Question Time: What is your favorite Jon Hodgson piece? How do you feel about adding horror elements to your fantasy roleplaying games?