Monday, August 10, 2015

Check This Out! - Character Sheets by Dyslexic Studios

So many pages, so little ink...
Do you play Pathhfinder? Are you looking for an incredibly detailed character sheet that'll help you have all the necessary information that you might need on hand? Well, Dyslexic Studeos has an answer for you!

These character sheets are pretty awesome. They have one for almost every class and even a handful of 3rd party classes, give you sheets containing all the necessary information you need to play a character of that class so it will cut down on the amount of time you will need to look things up, and the faded design makes it easy to write on and more legible.

Dyslexic Studeos' character sheets also allow you to upload illustrations of the character to the sheet and print an additional sheet that allows you to create paper miniatures to use at the table. That's just straight value in my eyes, with the GM sheets being a nice cherry on top of the metaphorical cake. Check these out if you're looking for more detailed character sheets for your Pathfinder campaigns.