Sunday, August 16, 2015

#RPGaDay - Day 15 & 16: What Was Your Longest Campaign & Session?

I decided to combine yesterday's entry and today's into one post. While some might see this as cheating, I knew the answers to both questions would be too short to dedicate separate posts to. The reason being is that I've always preferred shorter campaigns and sessions over longer ones. I have nothing against those longer games, it's just a personal preference.

Anyway, let's actually get to the meat of the post. The longest campaign I ever had was probably the Pathfinder campaign I ran nearly two years ago, Heroes of Sandpoint. That one lasted nearly three months before finally coming to a conclusion. That campaign also had one of my favorite moments in my gaming career.

The longest session happened during one of my Mutants & Masterminds campaigns in college. This campaign was loosely based on Young Justice (which is a show you all should watch), but set in the Freedom City setting. The session lasted for several hours, but not a single dice was rolled. It was nothing but roleplay, which was fantastic.